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Ramp Team builds for APLC Members

We talk about our mission statement often in announcements, in sermons, and in various class settings. It is such a blessing to see this mission taking root in the life of the congregation and I’m excited to share one story here.

EddieandJuneEddie and June Cliffe joined Abiding Presence in May. They come bearing witness to God through faith as charter members of their previous congregation and walked humbly with God as its doors closed.  Eddie has been living with Parkinson’s Disease for some time and while it effects his mobility, they are here every weekend seeking God in worship and fellowship.

Joe Froelich, a member of Abiding Presence and friend of Eddie, serves with our Texas Ramp Project team.  Understanding Eddie’s increasing mobility issues, Joe approached me about building a ramp for Eddie to help with access at their home.  He was directed to Spike Hubenak, chair of our Texas Ramp Project team.  Joe went even further asking Sandy Liwang, who notifies builders of dates and times of ramp builds, Linda Janszen, our Executive Director and El Decker the Ministry Action Team leader of Evangelism, seeking help in getting his friend a ramp.   Joe found what so many others find—lots of paperwork, complicated systems and a long  wait.

At the church picnic there was more conversation: “What is stopping us from building a ramp for Eddie? Can we, as Abiding Presence, do it?” After seeking God through prayer, this group decided to act. Spike checked with Texas Ramp Project about our idea and potential permit needs. This determined group then began the process of doing a site visit and taking measurements, findings funds, gathering materials, and setting a build date of May 16.

In a matter of weeks Eddie and June have new freedom with easier access to and from their home. Served by APLC members, they will be able to more easily get out to continue serving others as well.Eddieonramp2

eddieandcrewIn this community of faith there are many opportunities to be of service.  As I ask every new member class, I also ask you to find something you are passionate about and let that be your ministry of service.  Thank you, Joe, Spike, Sandy, Linda and El for your hearts for service. Thank you, Eddie and June, for letting me tell your story. Thank you, people of Abiding Presence for intentionally seeking God and serving others.  Being part of a faith community is all about relationships—being in relationship with God by being in relationship with each other. We seek God for wisdom and generous hearts and we serve in response to Jesus’ call to love each other.


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