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03/29/2020 – Jesus brings Lazarus back to life

03/21-22/2020  – The Man Born Blind Can See


Study Resources

Due to copyright issues, many of these resources cannot be posted on our public YouTube channel.  Use the links below or in emails received from Chip Wilson, Minister of Faith Formation for direct access.


ADULT STUDIES – Sunday School

03-25-2020  –  Phyllis Ticke talks about the history of the Bible, but her bigger point is that the ways in which we access the Bible affect our experiences with the Bible.
Animate Bible Series – History
Animate History Journal Pages

03-18-2020  –   Eric Elnes helps us understand how the Bible’s New Testament came to be.
Animate Series-Canon
Animate Journal Pages


ADULT STUDIES – The Journey Bible Study

03-23-2020  –  Beginning a new study of  The First Letter of Peter
The Journey Session 1


ADULT STUDIES – Wednesday Evening Bible Study

03-25-2020  –  In this video, we explore the difficulties of understanding the biblical text and hear an overview of the Bible.
Understanding the Bible, Part 1: Approaching the Bible



03-25-2020  –  How did the Bible come to be?  Who supplied and shaped this collection of ancient laws, strange stories, and crusty characters? And how exactly was or is God involved in the process?
How Did We Get Here?

03-18-2020  –  Explore the enduring, excellent qualities of the Bible as well as the limits of its claims and contents.
The Bible is True?



3-25-2020  –  Why do bad things happen? If God is all-good and all-powerful, why is the world full of pain and evil?
RE:FORM Why Bad Things Happen
re:form Study Guide

3-18-2020  –  When Jesus approached his first disciples—fishermen on the beach—he did not ask them to believe in him. He asked them to follow him. Why should we follow Jesus?
RE:FORM Why Should I Follow Jesus
re:form Study Guide



3-25-2020  –  We remember Jesus’ last meal and his time in the garden waiting for his arrest on Maundy Thursday.
Holy Moly-Maundy Thursday
amily Study Guide and coloring pages

3-18-2020  –  As we approach Easter, we’ll learn about the days of what we call “Holy Week” starting with Palm Sunday.
Holy Moly-Palm Sunday
Family Study Guide and coloring pages