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ADULT STUDIES – The Journey Bible Study

The Journey is currently studying the Gospel of Matthew.  Chip leads the live online class at 10:00 each Monday morning. A recording of the class is posted on our YouTube channel immediately following the live class.  If you’d like to be added to the Zoom invite for the live class, please contact Chip Wilson.

All previous classes are available to watch at any time on our YouTube channel.


ADULT STUDIES – Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Understanding the Bible is an ongoing series that looks at how the books and letters we know as the Bible came together.  Each week’s recorded lesson is posted on our YouTube channel each Wednesday evening.  All previous classes are available to watch at any time on our YouTube channel.


ADULT STUDIES – Sunday School (Archive)

06-17-2020  –  Bruce Reyes-Chow addresses a question most of us have probably asked ourselves—why go to church? Bruce doesn’t shy away from the downsides of church going, but he still asserts the value of being a part of a faithful community.
Animate Faith Series – Church
Animate Faith Journal Pages

06-10-2020  –  Lauren Winner broke onto the Christian scene with her 2002 book, Girl Meets God, in which she chronicles her conversion first to Orthodox Judaism, then to Christianity. she is an assistant professor of Christian
spirituality at Duke Divinity School.
Animate Faith Series – The Bible
Animate Faith Journal Pages

06-03-2020  –  Nadia Bolz-Weber offers her take on the cross and how we might make sense of what was accomplished by the crucifixion of Jesus. Nadia asks us to think about how our interpretation of the cross lines up with our understanding of God.
Animate Faith Series – The Cross
Animate Faith Journal Pages

05-27-2020  –  Shane Hipps offers us images of salvation as we think about what happens during and after this life on earth. Shane invites us to consider the fundamental questions surrounding this “strange, beautiful, mysterious thing called existence.”
Animate Faith Series – Salvation
Animate Faith Journal Pages

05-20-2020  –  Mark Scandrette suggests thinking differently about living in Jesus’ way. When he realized that his sermons weren’t doing anything important, he decided to make church a place of practice rather than just belief and learning.
Animate Faith Series – Jesus
Animate Faith Journal Pages

05-17-2020  –  Lillian Daniel helps us reclaim religion, saying that spirituality is not enough. Lillian encourages us to root ourselves in the depths of the Christian tradition—its history and texts, beliefs, and practices.
Animate Faith Series – Religion
Animate Faith Journal Pages

5-10-2020  –  In the first of a new series focused on faith practices, Brian McLaren exposes our inability to fully comprehend God. He reveals the dangers of our suppositions and helps us to plot a course between them as we continue our quest for and with God.
Animate Faith Series – God
Animate Faith Journal Pages

05-03-2020  –  Jay Bakker is the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, 1980s televangelists. The Bakkers’ ministry ended in scandal, leaving teenage Jay to witness the backlash against his parents. That experience led Jay to forsake his faith for a time. What brought him back?
Animate Bible Series – Grace
Animate History Journal Pages

04-26-2020  –  Will Willimon admits that biblical interpretation is no easy task. In this session, Will challenges us to consider the assumptions that frame the way we read the Bible.
Animate Bible Series – Genre
Animate History Journal Pages

04-19-2020  –  José Morales brings a unique take to this session, thanks to his side job as a nightclub DJ. While José—like most people—is clearly comfortable appreciating various genres of music, he notes that many of us struggle to bring that same understanding of genre to our reading of the Bible.
Animate Bible Series – Genre
Animate History Journal Pages

04-12-2020  –  Nadia Bolz-Weber  suggests we consider our expectations of “Good News.” We might find ourselves rethinking how we respond to the life of Jesus as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
Animate Bible Series – Gospels
Animate History Journal Pages

04-05-2020  –  Rachel Held Evans uses this session to acknowledge the discomfort many Christians feel when they read the Old Testament.
Animate Bible Series – Testaments
Animate History Journal Pages

03-29-2020  –  Phyllis Ticke talks about the history of the Bible, but her bigger point is that the ways in which we access the Bible affect our experiences with the Bible.
Animate Bible Series – History
Animate History Journal Pages

03-22-2020  –   Eric Elnes helps us understand how the Bible’s New Testament came to be.
Animate Series-Canon
Animate Journal Pages




05-06-2020  –  Mission can be overwhelming when you really think about it! God wants us to help, needs us to be engaged, and calls us to the sacrificial work of helping in the world.
Everything I Do Matters

04-29-2020  –  Sacrifice is something we equate with discomfort and even pain. This lesson will help students think about what sacrifice is and how it is a reality in both their lives and their faith.
Mission Requires Sacrifice

04-22-2020  –  In this lesson, we’ll unpack servant-hood, what it means to serve, and why mission is an integral part of our faith.
God Needs My Help

04-15-2020  –  In this lesson, we’ll unpack servant-hood, what it means to serve, and why mission is an integral part of our faith.
We Are God’s Servants

04-8-2020  –  This lesson explores the nature of the Bible’s authority in our faith and its weight in each student’s collection of influences and authorities.
The Bible is the final authority

04-1-2020  –  This week we wrestle with the ancient stories and laws in the Bible and what they might mean for us in decidedly modern times.
The Bible tells me how to live?

03-25-2020  –  How did the Bible come to be?  Who supplied and shaped this collection of ancient laws, strange stories, and crusty characters? And how exactly was or is God involved in the process?
How Did We Get Here?

03-18-2020  –  Explore the enduring, excellent qualities of the Bible as well as the limits of its claims and contents.
The Bible is True?



5-27-2020  – The question “What’s a synod?” is complicated by another question: “What’s a Lutheran?” The three major Lutheran bodies in America (ELCA, LC-MS, and WELS) share a common history, confessional book (Augsburg Confession), and the Lutheran name, but they do not agree in all areas.
RE:FORM What’s a “Synod” and why are there so many different ones?
re:form Study Guide

5-20-2020  – The central elements of Christian faith set forth in the Small Catechism are worth knowing well.
RE:FORM Do I have to memorize the Small Catechism to be Lutheran?
re:form Study Guide

5-13-2020  – Kids explore Lutheran paradox and discover what that means for contradictions in their own lives.
RE:FORM How can Lutherans believe in “grace alone” if they also believe in “faith alone” and “Scripture alone”?
re:form Study Guide

5-06-2020  – If the cosmos was not created in seven 24-hour days, as Genesis seems to say, can we believe anything else the Bible says?
RE:FORM Can you accept the theory of evolution and still be a Christian?
re:form Study Guide

4-29-2020  – When we proclaim that the church is one (meaning unified) and catholic (meaning universal) we are as much praying for the overcoming of our differences as we are professing that, in God’s eyes, we are all one.
RE:FORM Why do we say we believe in the holy catholic church if we’re not Catholic?
re:form Study Guide

4-22-2020  –  Prayer and confession are two ways we can express our questions of purpose and meaning for our lives, and our strongest emotions. 
RE:FORM Is it OK to be angry at God?
re:form Study Guide

4-15-2020  –  We might find comfort that virtually every person we read about in the Bible, from the Hebrew patriarchs, kings, and prophets to the New Testament apostles, struggled with doing the very things they knew they should not do. But how do we resist?
RE:FORM How do I stop doing things I know I shouldn’t do?
re:form Study Guide

4-8-2020  –  Jesus told Nicodemus that for one to experience the kingdom of God, one must be “born from above.” What does this mean?
RE:FORM What does it mean to be born again?
re:form Study Guide

4-1-2020  –  Jesus prayed for unity withing the church. What caused all the splits and how did we end up with so many different denominations of believers?
RE:FORM Why are the so many different Christian churches?
re:form Study Guide

3-25-2020  –  Why do bad things happen? If God is all-good and all-powerful, why is the world full of pain and evil?
RE:FORM Why Bad Things Happen
re:form Study Guide

3-18-2020  –  When Jesus approached his first disciples—fishermen on the beach—he did not ask them to believe in him. He asked them to follow him. Why should we follow Jesus?
RE:FORM Why Should I Follow Jesus
re:form Study Guide



06-10-2020 –  God is with the Israelites through plagues, death, and escape through the Red Sea. God is with them through every step because God wants what’s best for us.
Family learning guide

06-03-2020 – Afraid the Israelites would grow too powerful, Pharaoh makes a rule to kill all Hebrew baby boys. When Moses is born, his mother manages to hide him for a few months. Then God uses Moses’ sister, Miriam, to help keep Moses safe as he floats in a basket in the Nile River. God takes care of us through others.
Family learning guide

05-27-2020 – Help kids see that even in the “down” times of life, they can trust God to have a big picture in mind.
Family learning guide

05-20-2020 – God brings Jacob and Esau back together.
Family learning guide

05-13-2020  –  God promises Sara a son.
Family learning guide

05-06-2020  –  Abram is an old man with no children. But God makes an amazing promise: to give him more descendants than there are stars in the sky. Wow! Abram believed God, and God kept his promise. God keeps his promises to us, too.
Family learning guide

04-29-2020  –  God is sad because there’s so much evil. So he decides to destroy most of the world with a flood and start over again. He chooses Noah to build an ark and save his family as well as animals and birds. After a long time on the ark, Noah and his family step into a fresh start for the world. God gives us do-overs.
Family learning guide

04-22-2020  –  God gives Adam and Eve a choice.
Family learning guide

04-15-2020  –  A new learning series beginning with God’s creation of Adam and Eve.
Family learning guide

4-8-2020  –  We celebrate the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection
Holy Moly-Easter
Family Study Guide and coloring pages

4-1-2020  –  We remember Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday.
Holy Moly-Good Friday
Family Study Guide and coloring pages

3-25-2020  –  We remember Jesus’ last meal and his time in the garden waiting for his arrest on Maundy Thursday.
Holy Moly-Maundy Thursday
amily Study Guide and coloring pages

3-18-2020  –  As we approach Easter, we’ll learn about the days of what we call “Holy Week” starting with Palm Sunday.
Holy Moly-Palm Sunday
Family Study Guide and coloring pages