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Leap into Lent Family Faith Day

29 Feb 2020 | 08:30 am - 03:00 pm

Leap year gives us an extra day to play.  Join your Faith Formation Ministry Action Team for an all-day opportunity to learn and grow as a family and a faith community as we head into the season of Lent. Everyone will have opportunities to SEEK GOD through worship and learning and SERVE OTHERS doing a project. Come learn and grow together.

Advance Registration is required

Registration Fee  $5.00 per person   $15.00 per family with 3+ participants



The schedule includes two morning learning sessions and an afternoon family service project.  

Morning learning sessions 1 & 2

Pre-K, elementary, middle and high school age groups will gather in the designated locations at 10:00 am.  Pre-K and Elementary groups with rotate through story, craft, and games.  Middle and high school have two sessions.

Adults will select two topics from the following options when you register.

  • Family Team Building – Work together building communication skills with your middle or high school youth taking on challenges lead by Camp Chrysalis staff. (Session 1 only)
  • Building Family Spirituality  – Learn ways to help your family build a strong relationship with God and with their faith community and continue spiritual growth even in adulthood?
  • Prayerful Art – Expand your spirituality by using art as a medium for prayer and praise. You don’t have to be an expert artist.
  • The Bible and the Number 40 - Numbers in the Bible often have meaning beyond face value. Lent’s forty days and our fortieth anniversary give us reason to examine the number 40 more closely. Join in a study of scripture seeing how the number 40 has been a gateway to transition for God’ people.
  • Praying with Confidence – As people of faith, we often want to pray, but struggle to find the words. Explore several ways to pray and build confidence praying for ourselves and others.
  • Lent 101 – What is Lent? Why do we stop saying Alleluia? Why does the pastor wear purple? What is a Lenten discipline? Learn some of the history and meaning of Lent so you can approach the season with a deeper spiritual understanding.
  • Making Lent Meaningful – Learn some practical ways to go through this 40 day journey building a stronger relationship with God and deepening your spirituality for the whole year.
  • The Music of Lent – In the Season of Lent, music in worship takes a more somber tone. Discover the background of some of our Lenten hymns and reflect on the deeper meaning of music you’ll hear these next 40 days.
  • 40 Days of Hope (A Lenten Bible Study) – This study is an opportunity to explore promises of hope found throughout the gospels, look at life from a different point of view and see hope for a more just, equitable and humane society.


Afternoon Service Projects

Families are encouraged to select a service project and work together for the benefit of APLC or one of our mission partners.

  • Bake cookies for Haven for Hope
  • Quilt—fabric project
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Camp Chrysalis
  • Sanctuary cleaning and polishing
  • Outdoor landscape cleanup